740 bids received so far for ‘ALL’ number plate series in Perak

20 Sep 2019 / 09:55 H.

IPOH: A total 740 bids were received by the Perak Road Transport Department (RTD) for the vehicle registration number series ‘ALL’ as of 4.30pm yesterday.

Perak RTD Director Severinus Tukah said almost RM900,00 worth of bids for the series were collected on the first day of the bid through the first time implementation of its e-bidding system, JPJeBid in Perak.

The bidding process is opened to the public from yesterday until Monday.

“The sum involved 3,142 transactions up to this evening,” he said when contacted by Bernama, here yesterday.

He expects the ALL 1 registration number to receive the highest bids, although he could not speculate how much the registration number would fetch.

The previous highest bid for the Perak RTD was held manually for the AKU series which collected RM3.1 million.

This was followed by the ALA series, collecting RM1.6 million and the ALE series which fetched RM1.1 million.

The system can be accessed through the JPJebid application or through RTD portal https://jpjebid.jpj - Bernama

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