A worried and discouraged Malaysian workforce

24 Jun 2020 / 13:47 H.

HARDLY anyone has been spared from the Covid-19 pandemic. Nine in 10 Malaysians have felt the unfavourable effects of the crisis in their workplace.The numbers are startling according to a survey by JobStreet.

* 58% experienced the need to work from home

* 48% have been negatively impacted in remuneration and salary

* 24% have been required to take leave

A further 66% have experienced an increased scope of work, particularly higher-paid employees in larger organisations (68%). This was greatest in the education sector (+54%) and manufacturing industry (+45%), which experienced a need for remote learning and greater demand for goods, respectively.

By contrast, a decrease in work was felt by employees working in hospitality/catering (+45%) and architecture/construction (+36%).

Bottomline, one in three employees reported salary reduction of more than 30%.

Majority of the workforce in Malaysia are now concerned about their finances and job security. These have led to unhappiness and discouragement, a lower job happiness rate.

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