Admin assistant loses more than RM125,000 to Macau scam

28 Jan 2021 / 12:16 H.

ALOR SETAR, Jan 28: An administrative assistant lost more than RM125,000 after being deceived by the Macau Scam that she was involved in money laundering and drug trafficking.

Kedah Commercial Criminal Investigation Department head Supt Elias Omar said the 46-year old victim claimed she received a call from one Noraini Binti Hj Daud, who claimed to be from the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

“The victim was told that she had tax arrears amounting to RM38,600 and that she had to make the payment to avoid legal action and her bank account will be frozen, following which the call was transferred to another person, who claimed to be from the police and she (victim) was told that her bank account was involved in money laundering and drug trafficking activities, involving RM2.28 million,” he said in a statement today.

Elias said the victim, after receiving numerous calls from the suspect and fearing the repercussion she might face, made a bank loan of RM120,000 to make the payment as was told to her.

“She was also instructed by the suspect to apply for a new ATM card and cancel her online banking, before asking her to give her personal information and ATM card details through a link that was sent to her.

“Last Jan 26, the victim contacted the suspect to ask about the investigation into her case and, not happy with the information provided, she checked her bank account and found 13 transactions were done from her account, involving RM125,498, which were transferred to a third party account,” he added.

He said the victim, realising that she had been cheated, lodged a police report on the same day.

Elias advised the public to be wary of individuals impersonating as policeman or other enforcement officers, and to check information they are not sure of at or ttps:// Bernama

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