SIBU: The Sibu branch of the Advocates Association of Sarawak (AAS) today expressed its disapproval over the police detention of a lawyer here on July 17, claiming that Ting Yong Ginn was “wrongfully arrested” and accorded “unfair and unprofessional” treatment while serving his client.

Its chairman, Orlando Chua, urged the Sibu police to provide an explanation as to why a lawyer discharging his professional duty was treated the way Ting, 51, had been allegedly treated.

Chua’s statement was read out by AAS vice-chairman Wee Wui Kiat to reporters in front of the Sibu Court Complex.

Chua said AAS was looking into the complaint by Ting and would advise him accordingly.

Ting was arrested during a raid at about 9.30pm at an entertainment outlet belonging to Ting’s client.

Ting had claimed that his statement was taken 16 hours after the arrest and that he was photographed in lock-up uniform, asked to undergo a urine test and have his fingerprints taken before being released on police bail.

The lawyer claimed that the police did not provide any reason for his arrest despite his repeatedly informing them that he was just representing his client at the entertainment outlet.

Ting claimed that he suffered stress, mental distress, back pain, fever, cough and diarrhoea after his release and had to seek treatment at a private medical centre.

Ting had lodged a police report on the alleged wrongful arrest last Monday. — Bernama