Anti-ICERD groups voice continued opposition to the treaty

08 Dec 2018 / 18:29 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The current government might make a ‘U-turn’ on its decision to not ratify the ICERD treaty, hence the need to rally, according to groups opposed to the convention.

A member of Pekida Kuantan, who only wanted to be known as Kamil, said the current Pakatan Harapan (PH) government should “delete” the idea of ratifying or even thinking about moving forward with ICERD.

“We want to make sure the government nails the decision to not ratify ICERD for good.

“When the government announced its decision to not ratify ICERD, we still don’t feel assured.

“This is not a racial matter or it is to put other races aside but there is simply no need for ICERD in Malaysia, we have been peaceful for long time,“ he said.

Giving his thoughts on the rally, Umno’s Jamal Yunos said that no races had been oppressed even without ICERD, therefore there was no need to ratify it.

He also added that the people were not believing of the PH government’s promises, referring to previous comments PH had made in regards to its unfulfiled Manifesto pledges.

Mohd Akil bin Abidin of Pemuda Pas Chendering, Kemaman, with his group of 25, said that the government could choose to bring up ICERD anytime.

“Just because they said that they will not ratify it now, doesn’t mean they won’t bring it up in the future. It is our duty as Malays to oppose these ideas.”

“Why rock the boat? We are doing fine without it (ICERD),“ he added

Meanwhile, echoing similar sentiments, Khairuddin bin Mustafa of Pemuda PAS Kemaman, said that it was his duty as a Muslim to push against the inception of ICERD as it could slowly oppress the majority.

“Everytime the government brings this up, we will be ever ready to do the same thing over and over again. This is our duty,“ he said.

Syarbaini Ruslee, with his group of 49 people from Sentul, said that having the Bumiputera status was his birthright.

“This is not to oppress other races, but why take from us what is ours,“ he said.

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