Appreciate our peaceful journey to independence: Yusoff Latiff

22 Aug 2019 / 22:53 H.

GEORGE TOWN: The younger generation should appreciate the fact that Malaysia’s independence was secured on the strength of racial harmony, said Penang Malay Association (Pemenang) president Tan Sri Mohd Yussof Latiff (pix).

He said with the wisdom and ingenuity of our founding fathers such as Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun H S Lee, and Tun V T Sambanthan, representing the three main races, we gained independence without bloodshed.

Speaking to Bernama at the launch of the National Month organised by Pemenang here today he said as Malaysians we should be proud that we achieved our independence peacefully, through non-violence.

“As we celebrate Merdeka day, we should ponder on how Malaysia strived to be a united nation despite the people’s differences and appreciate the role played by our leaders in their struggle for independence,“ he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Yussof, 89, also expressed disappointment over the action of certain quarters who try to use the younger generation to jeopardise inter racial relations by showing disrespect in flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down as viraled on social media recently.

The younger generation should not fall into the trap of those out to provoke anger among the people, thus threatening the peace, for their own benefit, he added.

According to him, there are people who deliberately incite racial hatred and have no respect for the country’s constitution even after 62 years of independence.

“Remember always that racial harmony is the pillar of the nation’s strength,” he said adding that in appreciating the value of independence, Malaysians should stand together regardless of race or religion. — Bernama

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