THE food and goods delivery riders have been a blessing in disguise to many households during the partial lockdowns and restricted movements during the early phase of the pandemic.

They have been a saviour to people who have been unable to move around, especially to the elderly and severely disadvantaged people, providing them numerous services from food orders to grocery shopping.

Since then there has been a massive demand for delivery services.

Most of the delivery riders, male and female are young and all of them use their motorcycles to deliver as it is more convenient to move around and cheaper on fuel consumption.

As such, you can see these delivery riders on their machines weaving in and out of traffic, speeding and throwing all caution to the wind.

In their haste to deliver, they even beat the traffic lights so they can deliver promptly and quickly.

Some of these riders were engaged with other high-paying jobs, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been laid off and have become delivery riders.

This is the story of our delivery riders who render their services come rain or shine, despite the odds to ensure that food and goods are delivered.

They are paid a pittance for each delivery, but the risk and danger involved is high riding a motorcycle.

According to a media report based on police statistics, between January and August this year, 321 accidents involving delivery riders nationwide were registered, with 36 accidents involving fatal cases.

The number of accidents involving delivery riders and motorcyclists is worrying.

The motorcycle is a vulnerable machine on two wheels that has a poor record on our roads.

According to media reports, a total of 3,318 motorcyclists died on our roads last year. We need to check these needless motorcycle deaths.

Motorcyclists have to change their mindsets and attitudes and value life. They need to be extra careful and cautious on the road because of the vulnerability of the motorcycle.

They need to don the proper gear, a safety helmet and knee pads, and a luminous vest when riding at night.

They should avoid riding when it is raining and never ride a motorcycle after consuming alcohol.

Traffic enforcement has to be beefed up and strict rules enforced and those who break the traffic rules should be given maximum fines.

Samuel Yesuiah