Berjaya Dragons set to rock the League of Legends arena

KUALA LUMPUR: Berjaya Corporation Berhad (“BCorp”) today announced the formation of its professional League of Legends (“LoL”) team, Berjaya Dragons.

Formed in line with the government’s efforts to promote esports following the growing global trend of esports, Berjaya Dragons will be participating in the Pacific Championship Series (“PCS”).

With the motto ‘Pride of Malaysia, the Dragons will be raring to go when the tourney commences on Feb 8. Taking cognizance of the growing stature of esports, Berjaya Corporation Berhad founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan, accentuated its positive influence on youths.

“As a competition that requires high mental focus, esports is now an inevitable world trend which motivates thousands of youths to challenge their mental capabilities,“ he said in a statement today

“Therefore, our first step into the fray with the formation of an esports team plays an essential role towards the development of the esports industry. I hope we can build a healthy ecosystem to nurture talented individuals, and promote the growth of the industry with our participation.”

The Berjaya Dragons’ LoL team roster will be announced soon.

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