Civil society urged to play greater role in promoting road safety

23 Feb 2019 / 19:50 H.

PETALING JAYA: A Dewan Negara Senator today urged the civil society to intensify its efforts in promoting road safety following a fatal accident this morning when a tanker carrying diesel exploded after crashing into two stationary trailers parked in the emergency lane.

Senator Yusmadi Yusoff (pix) says that only Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye has consistently lent his voice in the efforts to promote road safety.

Acknowledging that road mishaps are reaching alarming levels, he said that there is now almost a monthly occurrence of dramatic mishaps and fatalities.

The damage to the economy would also be staggering as there are insurance losses as well as deaths involved, he noted, saying the police operations to nab reckless drivers have proven to be inadequate.

“In the United States, the consumerism advocate Ralph Nader played a big role in road safety until air bags and more safety features were introduced in automobiles,“ said Yusmadi.

In Malaysia, Yusmadi hopes a similar figure or organisation takes up the baton and highlights road safety, instead of just relying on the government.

“It must be a holistic approach, from reducing vehicles on the road to safeguarding the lives of passengers and operators in commercial vehicles,“ he added.

In the 8am accident at Km372 of the North-South (PLUS) Expressway, the driver of an oil tanker was burnt to death after he crashed into the rear of one of two trailers parked in the emergency lane.

The incident had caused an eight-kilometre traffic congestion before noon. Work to put out the fire and remove the lorries were completed at around 1pm and the traffic flow returned to normal at 2pm.

Meanwhile, Lee said that he needs to study the case before issuing a comprehensive statement on the matter.

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