Cop arrested for stealing colleague’s underwear

05 Aug 2019 / 11:42 H.

KULAI: A 28-year-old police constable, who was held on Friday for allegedly stealing his female colleague’s undergarments, had pulled off the same act several times before.

Sources said the policeman had also allegedly posted photos of his victims and videos on a micro-blogging and social media platform that showed a man masturbating with a pair of panties.

The policewoman who saw one of the videos that was posted recognised the panties used to masturbate by an unidentified man as being hers.

She also recognised the background in the video including a carpet as that from the house of the suspect, as he lived in the same police quarters block and was her colleague.

It is learnt that prior to her latest police report on Thursday, the 31-year-old policewoman, who is a corporal, had just days earlier lodged another police report also over the loss of her undergarments at the Kulai police quarters.

The suspicions of the victim, who is a police detective, were proven right when a team of policemen raided the constable’s house on Friday and found the stolen undergarments belonging to the policewoman.

Sources said investigators learnt that the suspect had broken into the police detective’s house several times before to steal her panties and bras.

Police also seized more than a dozen panties and bras, both new and used during the raid.

A pair of slippers that matched several sole prints found in the policewoman’s house was also recovered from the suspect’s house.

The police constable who is being held for investigations under a four-day remand order is married to a policewoman who works in the same unit with the victim at the Kulai district police headquarters.

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