Cops seize more than 300 copies of book that altered national coat of arms

30 Jun 2020 / 22:42 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: A printing company, that was allegedly involved in the publication of a book that desecrated the Malaysian coat of arms, was raided by federal police today.

Federal police CID director Commissioner Datuk Huzir Mohamed said police seized 313 copies of the book in the 3pm raid from the premises in Petaling Jaya.

He said police learnt that 1,000 copies were printed but 687 copies had been sold through online orders.

Police have received 32 police reports to date lodged by various quarters and individuals on the matter.

“We have identified the author and the designer of the book and they are being investigated.”

The case is being investigated under laws of the Emblem and Names Act, Sedition Act, Printing Presses and Publications Act and the Communications and Multimedia Act.

The book caused a public uproar after it carried an altered version of the national coat of arms which was deemed an insult.

The image resembling the national coat-of-arms displayed a naked child on the moon and star, and the image of the two tigers was altered apart from adding a crocodile at the bottom which usually carries the national motto “Unity is Strength”.

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