Crimes that shook the nation: Mum’s ultimate sacrifice

Social activist tells daughter to run for her life as she braces for a fatal attack at a joggers trail

08 Nov 2019 / 16:32 H.

SELFLESS, charitable and brave – this is how those who knew social activist Irene Ong Ai Sam would describe her.

A loving wife and a doting mother of two daughters, she dedicated most of her free time serving her church as well as social and charitable groups.

On April 20, 2013 Ong, who was 53, made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up her life to save her younger daughter at a joggers trail in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya.

Ong and her 17-year-old daughter had earlier trekked up the hill to draw up a trail for a run event in the evening of the fateful day.

They completed the task at about 4.30pm and were walking towards their car when a suspicious-looking motorcyclist and his pillion rider rode pass them.

The biker pulled over and his accomplice hopped off.

Sensing something sinister about the duo, Ong pushed her daughter away and ordered her to run for her life before facing the approaching pillion rider.

Without uttering a word, the attacker whipped out a kitchen knife and started stabbing Ong, who tried to ward off the attack.

The cold-blooded assailant continued stabbing her even after she had fallen to the ground.

Seeing this, her daughter screamed for help and went to her mother’s aid but the assailant kept her at bay by swinging his knife. Moments later, the man hopped onto the motorcycle and fled with the rider.

Ong, who was left bleeding profusely, meekly cried out for help as her teenage daughter scrambled down the hill to seek assistance.

The driver of a passing car came to her aid and called for an ambulance.

Just seconds before she fell unconscious, Ong muttered to her daughter, “I love you very much”.

Doctors at University Malaya Medical Centre tried to revive Ong but she succumbed to her injuries minutes later.

The following day, four youths were arrested by police but were freed days later after being cleared of the crime.

The case remains unsolved till this day.

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