Crimes that shook the nation: Tragic end to car chase for 15-year-old

Thrillseeker’s joyride ends in his death after cops fire at the vehicle

13 Dec 2019 / 14:23 H.

HE was not old enough to sit for a driving test but Aminulrasyid Amzah (pix) knew how to drive a car.

Past midnight on April 26, 2010, just four months short of turning 15, the thrill-seeking teenager was eager to meet his friends. He sneaked out of his home in Section 11, Shah Alam, with the keys of his sister’s car and drove off.

The thrill soon turned to tragedy, prematurely ending the boy’s life.

He fetched his childhood friend, Azamuddin Omar, also 15 then, and off they went to a restaurant in Section 7 in the same township.

On arriving at the restaurant, Aminulrasyid crashed his sister’s car into a parked car. He panicked and drove off.

However, friends of the owner of the affected car had witnessed the accident and decided to give chase on their motorcycles. They wanted Aminulrasyid to pay for the damage he had caused.

A high-speed chase ensued soon after as the boy tried to get home quickly.

When the Form Three student failed to pull over at a police roadblock along the way, several patrol cars joined in the chase.

Azamuddin, whose father is a policeman, was seated in the front passenger seat, tried to persuade his friend to stop but Aminulrasyid was apparently too terrified to do so.

Suspecting they were after hardened criminals, Corporal Jenain Subi, who was among the pursuing cops, opened fire with a sub-machine gun, hoping to bring the car to a halt by firing at its tyres.

The gunshots hit the tyres but that did not stop the teenager as he continued driving.

Just a few hundred metres away from reaching his house, gunshots rang out again and the car the teenagers were in plunged into a ravine.

Aminulrasyid, who was a nephew of veteran banker Datuk Johar Che Mat, currently the chairman of MNRB Holdings Berhad, collapsed on Azamuddin’s lap. He had sustained a gunshot to his head and died.

Policemen who arrived seconds later were stunned to learn the teenager had been killed.

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