Defence White Paper to give defence industry a new image

04 Dec 2019 / 19:22 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The country’s defence industry will have a new image and approach as well as become a career of choice over the next 10 years.

Changes in the defence industry and career in the military field are outlined in the Defence White Paper (DWP), being tabled for the first time by the government in Parliament on Monday.

Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong (pix) said the DWP outlined three job opportunities that would be created, including careers in military and defence industry, as well as a second career for military retirees.

“Our hope is that the people will take a look at the career in military because after the reform in the defence industry, we can create high paying jobs.

“DWP is a policy document, after this we will, among others re-evaluate the allowance and salary policies in the hope that we can make the military a career option, and attracting more people regardless of race to choose a career in the military,“ he told Bernama in an interview, here today.

On the second career for retired military personnel, Liew said it was aimed at looking after the welfare of former personnel and providing space for retirees to share their skills, experience and knowledge for the country’s economic development.

“Usually they will retire at the age of 41 to 43 and at that age, they can have a second career and can contribute to the national economy for another 20 years,“ he said.

In addition to career development, Liew explained that the DWP was a strategic thinking policy that would guide all defence agencies in making future revenue.

It includes increasing the research and development (R&D) activities in science and technology so that the country could produce specific products, as a result of local innovation.

“After this, guided with the strategic thinking of the DWP, the people will understand better and the defence industry can be self-reliant to produce the necessary assets locally,“ he said.

Malaysia’s first DWP tabled in the Dewan Rakyat outlined two roles, primary and secondary, of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).

It will also set the direction of the national defence strategy for the period of 2020 until 2030 to protect the country’s interests and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Liew said it was the first defence policy tabled in the Parliament.

“Previously, the defence policy was not made available to the people, only in 2010 a short version was announced but since 2006 we have no new defence policy and this is the first time in 13 years a policy is being tabled in Parliament,“ he added. - Bernama

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