Denial syndrome causes hike in heart diseases: Heart Foundation VP

29 Sep 2019 / 16:51 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The mentality ‘it will not happen to me’ is among the attitudes prompting an increase in heart related diseases in society.

Malaysian Heart Foundation vice-president Datuk Prof. Sulaiman Osman said more interestingly this denial syndrome also involved the professional groups including medical experts.

‘’Indeed, many doctors are afflicted by this syndome, what more the ordinary people. For the professionals, their main excuse is that they feel healthy but the reality is that this group is the most exposed to stress and has no time to exercise.

‘’Eventually, this syndrome is like a time bomb in them which finally results in them experiencing a heart attack or a stroke for failing to get treatment much earlier,’’ he told Bernama at the 2019 The KL World Heart Day – Go Red For Women (GRFW) here today.

“There is a need for the thought that we may be struck by illness and it makes us fully responsible for our own health by actively exercising and looking after our diet. Don’t start to have regrets after a heart attack,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, GRFW director Ainon Kuntom said the GRFW campaign, implemented through the Malaysian National Heart Institute with the co-operation of the Asia World Event and KL City Art Gallery, was an international awareness campaign dedicated especially for prevention, diagnosis and control of cardiovascular diseases among women.

‘’The activities conducted are a health forum, examination and health screening, zumba and exhibition. Except that, today is special as it also involves arts activities such as painting to get rid of stress,’’ she said.

The campaign, which was being held for the first time, was attended by over 100 participants targeting the low income group to give the opportunity to women to understand better household management in terms of health and finance since they are the main pillars in a family. — Bernama

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