Dong Zong bars three students from taking UEC

17 Apr 2019 / 19:52 H.

DONG Zong has barred three Chinese independent school students from taking the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).

This was in response to several failed attempts to persuade their parents to withdraw an appeal against a high court decision that favours the education movement.

According to a Chinese press report today, Dong Zong – the United Chinese Committees Associations – took the step to protect the autonomy of Dong Jiao Zong as the custodian of UEC.

According to a Sin Chew Daily report, the drama began in October 2016 when four individuals jointly filed a suit against Dong Zong over its decision to allow 113 students of SM Chong Hwa, Kuantan, to sit for the UEC examinations that year, alleging that the school was not a bona fide Chinese independent school.

The parents contended that allowing these three students to sit for the UEC examination would jeopardise Dong Jiao Zong’s position as organiser of the examination.

The status of Chong Hwa as a Chinese independent school had been a bone of contention.

The three students were studying at Hua Ren Chinese High School and Yong Peng High School in Johor and Kuen Cheng High School in Kuala Lumpur.

On April 6 last year, the high court declared that Dong Zong had the right to open the UEC examination to the SM Chong Hwa students and that its students could continue to enrol for the examination.

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