Dong Zong shouldn’t step out of line, says PM

13 Aug 2019 / 20:34 H.

SEPANG: United Chinese School Committees’ Association, otherwise known as Dong Zong, has been asked not to step out of line by continuing to incite disharmony among the people.

Whether they should be banned or not, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is up to the police.

Although the prime minster agrees that we are a country that supports freedom of speech, he reminds us to always be sensitive “and not instigate people from different races to fight against each other”.

“They (Dong Zong) has always been talking about one community, forgetting that we are a multiracial country. They are a racist organisation devoted entirely on racial defence of their own community,“ he told reporters after launching the KLIA 21st anniversary celebration.

Mahathir pointed out that Dong Zong has never fought for Malaysians but only for one race. He said that they should think about the feelings of other people.

He cited the Wawasan School concept which brings people together and recalls the time he proposed it to bring people together and Dong Zong objected the idea, as it meant that Chinese students would need to mix with those of other races.

“They (Dong Zong) have a very racist way of thinking,“ Mahathir said. “When we do something we should think about what would the other races say. If they (other races) are not happy, then you should try to accommodate,“ he added.

At the same event, Mahathir commented on the Zakir Naik issue. He said we can’t send him back to India. “If any country wants him, they are welcome to have him,“ he said.

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