KUALA LUMPUR: The Education Ministry has denied imposing a fee of RM1,600 to schools in Klang participating in the vaccination drive for teenagers only.

The issue was raised in the Dewan Rakyat by Charles Santiago (PH-Klang) as he said he was informed yesterday that schools in Klang which participated in the vaccination programme starting tomorrow were asked to pay RM1,600.

“I don’t understand why schools or Parent-Teacher Associations (PIBG) should be burdened by this fee,“ Santiago said.

“No school or our school children should pay for this. This is against the convention of the rights of the child where the government should protect and promote the health of the student,“ he said.

“So I suggest cancelling the fee of RM1,600 imposed on schools in Klang. This was not imposed on other districts in Selangor.

It is only in Klang. Why is Klang being treated as a stepchild?” he said.

The Covid-19 teens vaccination walk-ins will begin tomorrow at 156 vaccination centres nationwide.

However, Education Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Jidin (pix) said what happened was the result of miscommunication at the Klang District level.

“I received the information last night from the Minister of Health so I’ve checked and had instructed last night that no payment should be made. There was a bit of miscommunication at the District Education Office (PPD) level in Klang and we had instructed the matter to not continue,“ he said.

Radzi also pointed out that this is the reason why the ministry will not be able to give full autonomy to schools’ management.

“When talking about it, it is easy but what Klang MP had raised just now where PPD made a completely different decision contradicted with what the ministry has instructed.

“Hence, giving more autonomy to schools is not a suitable approach,“ he said replying to Dr Maszlee Malik (PH-Simpang Renggam) who had asked if the ministry would allow schools to have more autonomy so that teachers and management can make decisions.