Education Ministry not sidelining LPS on Jawi script issue: Teo

13 Dec 2019 / 17:48 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Education Ministry is not sidelining the views of schools’ board of governors (LPS) on the use of Jawi in Bahasa Melayu textbooks in all schools, including vernacular schools.

Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching (pix) however said, the ministry prioritised the opinion of the Parent-Teachers Associations (PTAs) as well as the parents and students themselves before making any decision on the matter.

“We will let the PTAs make the decision because it’s about their children’s learning.

“Parents are the guardians, so you should get their consent if you want to do anything,“ she said when met by reporters after the launch of ‘My Body Is Mine’ child safety video here today.

Teo was commenting on claims that the LPS was not involved in the process to decide on the teaching of Jawi script in their respective institutions.

The Ministry of Education had previously ruled that an agreement must be sought from a school’s PTA, parents and students before the teaching of Jawi script could be implemented.

Teo said the LPS also played an important role in the administrative affairs of vernacular schools, and viewed their take on education seriously.

“There is no way we are saying that LPS is not important or we want to sideline them. However, in terms of making decisions for the children, I think this is the question we need to ask ourselves.

“It doesn’t mean that when I make decisions for my kids then I don’t respect LPS, but I think LPS and parents have different roles. I just hope we can respect the parents’ decisions,” she said.

The launch of the safety video today is aimed at educating children, especially preschoolers about safe and unsafe touches on their bodies.

The video is in line with the ministry’s initiative to introduce Reproductive and Social Health Education (PEERS) through the Physical Education and Health subject.

The 90-second children animation video can be downloaded beginning today via the ministry’s main website at ‘’ and TV Education Malaysia at ‘’. — Bernama

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