KUALA LUMPUR: The Smart Nation 2020 expo will establish the nation as one of the first in the region that is ready to deal with future changes.

Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) president and CEO Datuk Mohd Yussof Sulaiman said it will form part of test bed to finds the gaps as the nation moves towards Industry 4.0.

“The event will showcase initiatives of the public and private sector in turning the country into a Smart Nation.

“Through this we will know what has been achieved and what needs to be done to help us move forward,“ he told reporters after the soft launch of Smart Nation 2020 expo today.

He said Industry 4.0 is an ongoing initiative to ascertain how prepared the local industry is to deal with the coming changes.

Mohd Yussof said the expo will also help the government understand what type of regulations that would be need to deal things such as Artificial intelligence, drones and autonomous cars.

He said such systems are readily available but the regulations to deal with them has yet to be developed properly.

He said the event will have 10 zones with different zones dealing with different issues. He said for example there will be a zone dealing with ministries and the government, others dealing with education, healthcare, security and surveillance and banking and finance.

Mohd Yussof said the expo will show how technology has matured, its level of acceptance, new business models and finally regulations.

“We also need to upgrade the skills of the people so that they can deal with changes as well as learn how to build things.

“Colleges need to work with industry to that they will be able to help develop the skills people need to meet the changes that are happening, “ he said.

He said the expo the largest of its kind in the region is expected to future the latest smart solutions and applications from more than 800 exhibitors, with over 20 countries showcasing their innovations, Smart Cities projects and applications.