Floods: Perzim to carry out repair works on historic mosques fast

MELAKA: Repair works will be carried out immediately on three historic mosques that were damaged in the recent round of floods in the state, said Melaka Museums Corporation (Perzim).

Its General Manager Mohd Nasruddin Rahman said the mosques, namely Lubok China Mosque, Brisu Mosque and Datuk Machap Mosque in Alor Gajah were among 56 mosques gazetted as heritage mosques under the National Heritage Act 2005.

He said Datuk Machap Mosque, which was built in 1865, was the most affected, adding that inspections found that the damages were quite serious involving its roofs.

“We have submitted an application to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and God willing, we will get the allocation to repair the mosque which is also gazetted under the Melaka State Heritage Enactment,“ he told Bernama here today.

Mohd Nasruddin said besides roof work, drains around the mosque would also be repaired and enlarged.

He said Perzim would repair the other two mosques as well as other affected mosques through the allocation under the state conservation fund, based on priority.

“If it is very bad like the Lubok China Mosque and Brisu Mosque which were hit by the floods, we will make good use of the allocation. However, based on our monitoring, everything is under control despite their old structures,” he said. - Bernama