Helpline for info on scams and other white-collar crimes

16 Apr 2019 / 20:44 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Commercial Crimes Investigations Department (CCID) under the federal police launched a helpline today to enable the public to channel information and make enquiries on matters related to scams and other white-collar crimes.

Called the CCID Infoline, the service number 013-211 1222 only accepts complaints and enquiries via short message service (SMS) and the Whatsapp application.

Federal CCID director Commissioner Datuk Mazlan Mansor today said the platform has multi-functions which will be useful to the public in channelling information on Macau scams, e-commerce crimes, fraudulent loan offers and document falsifications.

He said the public can also verify fake claims by scam syndicates and check on the status of their police reports using the same platform.

“This is an initiative to improve our delivery system with accuracy and speed to the public,“ Mazlan said. “The operating hours are between 8am and 12am daily by text messages only. There will neither be outgoing calls nor will incoming calls be accepted through this platform.

“All information or complaints will be accepted and replied at the soonest. We will ascertain if there is truth in the information before we reply.”

He said all information channelled must be made with a telephone number registered with local telecommunication companies.

Mazlan also said the information or tip-offs shared in the platform by the public should not be baseless accusations or contain profanities with malice motives to discredit an individual or an organisation.

“We will not entertain prank messages and action can be taken against those who send false information on purpose” he said.

Mazlan said the public can also use the CCID’s “semak mule” webpage in its official website to check on suspicious bank account numbers or telephone number prior to carrying out online transactions.

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