Hotel association willing to work with other groups to curb drink driving

28 May 2020 / 19:30 H.

GEORGE TOWN: The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) is willing to work with any organisation to prevent intoxicated individuals from getting behind the wheel after one too many.

Kedah chapter chairman Eugene Dass said that the hoteliers can emulate initiatives such as efforts in China, where drivers-for-hire station themselves outside drinking joints to ferry home those in no condition to drive.

The driver would apparently take the wheel of the intoxicated person’s vehicle and drive the “customer” home but only before loading their own bicycle into the rear of the car so they can cycle back to look for more tipsy clients.

Dass said that currently, some cab operators are known to wait outside such places to offer ride sharing services similar to Grab.

But he pointed out that of late, many customers have refrained from using ride sharing services owing to the fear of contracting the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

He suggested that food and beverage outlets, together with standalone entertainment and drinking joints, come together with hotels, to find ways to help prevent intoxicated persons from getting behind their steering wheels.

He didn’t deny that drink driving is a dangerous social trend but so are the “mat rempits” and those driving while high on drugs.

“We must have more stringent laws that can act as a deterrent against all forms of abuse not just substance abuse related to alcohol.”

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