KOTA BHARU: Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB) has refuted allegations made by Save Kelantan chairman Datuk Husam Musa (pix) against the water utility company and the state Works, Infrastructure, Transport and Utilities Committee chairman Datuk Azami Mohd Noor and described them as unfounded.

AKSB said that the allegations, among others, claimed that Azami did not have the expertise in the related field to lead the committee.

“Datuk Azami has appointed those with the expertise to manage AKSB to ensure that they are truly qualified to lead departments and units in the organisation.

“This can be seen when the new general manager of AKSB was appointed in mid-2019 and the AKSB has been restructured twice, namely in 2020 and 2021,” it said in a statement.

It added that another allegation levelled against AKSB was involving failed tube wells that was untrue.

“The tube wells for the Merbau Chondong Water Treatment Plant (LRA) operate successfully at 17 million litres per day (MLD) while the tube wells for the Wakaf Bharu LRA operate at 24 MLD and tube wells for the Kampung Chap LRA operate at 11 MLD.

“The claim that the tube wells for the Kampung Telok LRA have no water is also untrue as it successfully operates at 32 MLD although currently, it is only able to produce 10 MLD treated water that meets the standards stipulated by the Ministry of Health (MOH),” it said.

It also said other unfounded allegations including the installation of Chemiles system at Kampung Chap LRA, Taman Telok Mesira LRA and Meranti Baru LRA as it is only installed at Kampung Chap LRA and at Meranti Baru LRA next.

The allegations on the proposed construction of the riverside water reservoir (TAPS) in Labok, Machang as another wasteful expenditure and may not be able to solve the water problem in Kelantan are also untrue.

Recently, Husam through a video recording, claimed that the tube well system failed many times due to insufficient water quantity; apart from AKSB and the Exco (in charge of managing the water) lack expertise in the related field. — Bernama