I was vilified online, forensics expert tells inquest (Updated)

26 Mar 2019 / 20:11 H.

SHAH ALAM: Hospital Kuala Lumpur medical forensics department officer Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi today said he was vilified online over his testimony in the inquest of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim last week.

“I was accused of lying in my testimony last week on social media,“ he told coroner Rofiah Mohamad.

Ahmad Hafizam said a person who claimed to be a nurse from the National Heart Institute (IJN) said she saw Adib covered with bruises which were consistent with an assault.

“Dear Doctor, if all staff could give statements, I will be the first who will stand up and say that it is not by accident. His injury was caused by violence, from force. We saw the wound, we treated him. We saw the bruises all over his body and many things that I can’t tell here,“ the Facebook post by her read. It has since been deleted.

When asked to comment on it by DPP Hamdan Hamzah, Ahmad Hafizam said: “I don’t want to comment on it. We are here to find the truth.”

Earlier, he testified that it was unlikely that the fractures in the first to seventh ribs in the left rear side of Adib were due to being struck by the back of a machete.

He said there were also no injury signs to show that Adib was forcefully pulled out of a Fire Department van during the fracas at the Sri Maha Mariamman in Subang Jaya last November.

He said if someone was forcefully dragged, most times there would be grip marks on the part of the body that was used to pull the person out.

“From the autopsy, there were no injuries on the left side of the victim’s body to show that he was dragged out. For someone to be forcefully dragged, there will be grip marks.

“But in this case, there were no marks on the deceased,“ he added.

The inquest continues tomorrow.

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