Ihsan Perdana account used for ‘transit’ funds: IPSB managing director

16 May 2019 / 00:30 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court here was told today that the Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd (IPSB) account was used to deposit a certain sum of funds in transit before being transferred to another account.

Managing director of Ihsan Perdana, Datuk Dr Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman, 58, said he was informed of the matter by Yayasan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (YR1M) Project director, Dennis See Thuan Buan before depositing RM40 million in the company’s account.

IPSB is a subsidiary that manages corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes for SRC International Berhad.

“I had requested complete details from Dennis (See) but he did not give any clarification and refused to inform me of the details I wanted.

“I refer to the Affin (Bank) account statement number 106180001108 in the name of IPSB for the period of June 1, 2012 to July 29, 2015, and confirm that there was an entry of RM40 million on Dec 24, 2014.

“However, I do not know who deposited the money,“ he said when reading the witness statement on the 18th day of the trial of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak who is facing seven charges involving SRC International funds totalling RM42 million.

Shamsul Anwar who is the prosecution’s 37th witness also said that RM5 million was included in IPSB’s account on Feb 5 and 6, 2015, but did not know who deposited the money.

“I refer to the remittance application form dated Dec 26, 2015, for a total of RM27 million to AmPrivate Banking-1MY account with Najib’s personal account ending in 880 and confirm that Ihsan Perdana had made a transfer via debit transfer to the account.

“I also confirm that this transfer is at the request of YR1M chief executive officer, Ung Su Ling.

“I also received instructions via email from Ung who requested that IPSB transfer RM40 million to the same personal AmBank account belonging to Najib on Dec 24, 2014,“ he said.

Shamsul Anwar said that on the same date, Dennis had come to his office to inform that the money had been deposited into IPSB’s account for the money transfer, according to instructions based on Ung’s e-mail.

“I confirm that IPSB had never made any payment to Najib’s personal AmBank account with the account number ending in 880 for CSR purposes, and am not sure whether the payment was for CSR purposes.

“However, I still made the payment although I was not sure of the purpose because I was following the instructions of Ung and Dennis.

While answering a question from deputy public prosecutor, Muhammad Saifuddin Hashim Musaimi, as to why he put the “CSR” details on the remittance form, the witness said that it was because the usual instructions from both Ung and Dennis were related to CSR programmes.

Shamsul Anwar also confirmed that he did not know who was the owner of the account with the ending digits 880, but had asked the then IPSB Account Manager, Aishah Ghazali to check with the bank soon after the payment transfer was made.

“However, after checking, Aishah said the bank could not release that information to third parties and I asked Datuk Abdul Aziz to check but no feedback was received,“ he said.

Other than Shamsul Anwar who was the managing director of IPSB, also appointed as company director was Datuk Abdul Aziz Ismail who is also the finance director of IPSB.

During the cross-examination by lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah representing Najib, the witness said he was remanded for four days by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) around July 2015.

Muhammad Shafee: When they arrested you did they tell you why?

Shamsul Anwar: It was regarding 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) case

Muhammad Shafee: You were brought to MACC headquarters? Did they explain why you were arrested?

Shamsul Anwar: Yes the headquarters in Putrajaya said to assist the investigation into 1MDB case.

Shamsul Anwar, who no longer practised as a medical doctor since 2008, agreed with Muhammad Shafee’s suggestion that his selection as executive director of CSR division in 1MDB in 2010 is based on his extensive experience in the field.

Muhammad Shafee: Did you get involved in 1MDB pertaining to CSR?

Shamsul Anwar: Yes in 2010 I was called by Datuk Seri Najib who asked if I wanted to do CSR work for 1MDB.

Muhammad Shafee: Did you know Datuk Seri Najib before that?

Shamsul Anwar: I think I knew him since he was Umno Youth chief. I just came back from Belgium, it was around 1988 to 1990.

Muhammad Shafee: Why do you think he picked you as the CSR director for 1MDB?

Shamsul Anwar: It was my involvement in CSR and the nature of my work as a doctor. Then I joined the Welfare and Charitable Association of the Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti).

The hearing will continue on May 28 before Justice Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali. — Bernama

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