IIBD blueprint: From vision to reality

17 Apr 2019 / 11:17 H.

PETALING JAYA: The Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD) is located within the Southern Johor Economic Region and Daerah Sentral of Johor Baru, covering approximately 250 acres (101has) with an estimated Gross Development Value (GDV) of a minimum of RM20 billion.

As a key node in Flagship Zone A of Iskandar Malaysia, IIBD is the pulse of Johor Baru and earmarked to be a world-class business district in the Southern Gateway into Malaysia.

As Johor Baru is envisioned as the second Kuala Lumpur, IIBD is akin to the Golden Triangle of the capital city of Johor Baru. IIBD provides the impetus to propel Johor Baru as a world-class business district and the fulcrum of business, investment and entrepreneurship.

IIBD’s strategic position serves as a catalyst to bring the state of Johor closer towards its vision of being the Southern economic powerhouse.

Since the launch of the IIBD Blueprint in mid-2016, JCorp as the key enabler to spearhead the development of IIBD, has worked closely with relevant Authorities within the State and Federal Governments to promote the involvement of various stakeholders in joint effort to co-create the international business district of Johor Baru with its citizens.

The IIBD Blueprint is a subset of the Rancangan Tempatan Daerah Johor Baru (Penggantian) 2025 to drive corporate governance and implement strategic land use planning for the current Central Business District of Johor Baru. The strategic planning of this transformation plan takes into account short-term and long-term plans that are currently in line with the established phases.

The planning process behind the IIBD Blueprint took into consideration the economic, social and environmental components, with the aim to ensure IIBD provides quality and sustainable living environment that is built upon rich heritage and culture, with ample growth opportunities in business, investment and entrepreneurship that is supported by connectivity and infrastructure mobility, while preserving our green landscape.

The IIBD Blueprint was successfully gazetted on Jan 18, 2018, which reinforces the implementation of strategic land use planning and corporate governance within IIBD. The gazetted IIBD Blueprint constitutes pre-dominantly for commercial purposes (51%), 24% for public placemaking, 14% for institutional and 9% for people living spaces.

IIBD Blueprint is undertaken based on careful planning and appropriate measures to carry out upgrading works in terms of infrastructure and optimum land use development in Johor Baru City Centre, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Malaysia.

Tabled developments and projects within the IIBD Blueprint are strategised to be solutions to current issues and challenges within the CBD, as well as to ensure that the natural and built heritage is safeguarded for future generations to come through the implementation of best practices.

The Spirit of Enterprise encapsulates the State Government’s aspirations for IIBD to serve as a catalyst of growth, attracting talent and investment, and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. The 4 HOME lenses, namely Heritage, Opportunity, Mobility and Eco-sustainability, are key attributes by which IIBD will be viewed, and collectively will define and drive development and investment strategies within IIBD.

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