KUALA LUMPUR: Companies and investors interested in learning more about the Enhancements to Venture Capital (VC) Tax Incentives can visit the Securities Commission Malaysia’s (SC) social media platform for information.

Among other things, the latest enhancements include a tax exemption on all sources of statutory income (other than interest income arising from savings or fixed deposits and profits from Shariah-based deposits) for registered VC companies (VCC).

Meanwhile, VC management companies can apply for tax exemption on income sourced from management fees, share of profits, carried interest and performance fees derived from managing a tax-exempt VCC.

Investors may also apply for tax deductions on the amount invested in qualified startups or VCCs, subject to terms and conditions.

The SC had also provided a registration link for those interested to apply on its social media platforms, namely Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. ― Bernama