Intensify peaceful initiatives to free Palestine: Mohamad Sabu

23 Mar 2019 / 13:36 H.

PUTRAJAYA: Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu says Malaysia will continue to use the international stage to raise awareness on the rights and freedoms of the Palestinian people.

He said peaceful initiatives through various platforms such as forums, seminars and international conferences had resulted in positive developments as European countries began to show support for the cause.

“Malaysia is not involved in sending armed forces to Palestine, but we play a role through seminars, as well as the United Nations conference, so that Palestinians can return to their homeland.

“Similar to the way we strive for the right of the Rohingya community to return to their country, we will also continue to use the humanitarian approach in helping Palestinians achieve freedom,“ he told reporters after opening the Asean Plus NGO Conference in Defence of Baitul Maqdis and Al Aqsa Mosque, here today.

He added that this was in line with the ongoing efforts of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who often used the international stage to talk about the rights of the Palestinians. — Bernama

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