IPOH: The Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk) has confirmed that chickens sold at a supermarket in Kuala Kangsar were slaughtered in accordance with the requirements in Islam.

It denied the viral news on social media which claimed that the chickens were not slaughtered according to Islam.

JAIPk director Harith Fadzilah Abdul Halim said checks also found the three companies that supply chickens to the supermarket had been issued with halal certificates.

“We did an inspection as soon as the news went viral in the social media and did not find any (chicken) which appear to have been slaughtered not according to the syariat (Islamic requirement),” he said when met by reporters at an iftar (breaking of fast) event here last night.

Therefore, he said, Muslim consumers do not need to feel apprehensive or doubtful about buying chickens in supermarkets because the slaughtering process is safe and according to the stipulated regulations.

He also advised the public against sharing false information and to always consult the authorities for verification.

It was viralled on Facebook about a consumer who bought a chicken at a supermarket in Kuala Kangsar claiming that the chicken had a puncture mark on the neck and was not slaughtered according to Islam. - Bernama