GUA MUSANG: The Air Unit of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) has mobilised three more helicopters to make compassion flights to send food supplies to eight Orang Asli settlements in this district after their land routes were left impassable and damaged by rain and mudslides.

The eight settlements are in Pos Lalok, Pos Sau, Pos Bihai, Pos Hau, Pos Tendrik, Pos Sempadik, Pos Belatim and Pos Balar

JBPM pilot Mohd Azuna Mohamed Sabri said the A109E, AW189 and A139 helicopters had to be mobilised as the Orang Asli settlements did not have suitable landing areas for the Mi-17-IV-type helicopter.

“For today, the A139 helicopter was deployed to send the food supplies to Pos Lalok, Pos Sau and Pos Bihai, while the A109E helicopter was flown to Pos Hau,” he told reporters when met here today.

On Sunday, it was reported that a total of 21 tonnes of food supplies for 1,400 families will be sent by helicopters to several Orang Asli settlements. The five-day operation was mounted with the cooperation of the Civil Defence Force and the Orang Asli Development Department. - Bernama