JJPTR founder denies link to S-Block

18 Jun 2019 / 22:54 H.

I HAVE nothing to do with (the operations) of S-Block,“ said JJ Poor To Rich (JJPTR) investment scheme founder Johnson Lee.

Clarifying a Chinese press report on Sunday suggesting that he is making a comeback via a new platform, S-Block, he said on Instagram at 4pm the same day that he was just an investor of the company, and not its boss.

He said he had no connection whatsoever with the company, its boss, senior management, workers or other investors of S-Block.

Commenting on his earlier Instagram postings, he said he liked S-Block and wanted to share it with his fans.

“I am not advertising for S-Block, neither have I become their leader.”

He stressed that he has no control over S-Block’s operations and is not responsible for or an expert to determine the legitimacy of the company.

Lee has been keeping a low profile since his brush with the law following the collapse of JJPTR after reportedly losing RM500 million to hackers two years ago.

News that he was making a comeback has been making the rounds on social media after one Johnson Lee invited his fans to join him on the S-Block WeChat group, saying it is a platform to make money.

In his Instagram posting on Sunday, Lee urged netizens and the media not to carry news about him without verifying with him.

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