JJPTR founder returns with new platform

17 Jun 2019 / 22:16 H.

CONTROVERSIAL investment scheme JJ Poor to Rich (JJPTR) founder Johnson Lee is trying to make a comeback via a new platform.

According to a report in China Press today, Lee, who has been keeping a low profile since JJPTR collapsed in early 2017 after claiming its trading account had lost RM500 million due to a hacking job, is recruiting investors to join his “S BLOCK” WeChat group.

A China Press reporter who enquired about the scheme via Instagram by posing as a former member of JJPTR was provided with a QR code to register as a member of the new money-making platform.

The reporter managed to join the WeChat group using an account number given and downloaded the “S BLOCK” App which is supposed to help new members earn their pot of gold under Lee’s guidance.

It is learnt that at least 500 people have joined the WeChat group.

Lee, who told members of the group the scheme is at the initial stage of a recruitment drive, stressed in a message post on the social media that this time around he did not want to be their boss as he just wanted to enrich all those who still have confidence in him.

“(I) Only want to be your leader. (But it) Doesn’t matter whether (I’m) the boss or leader, what matters is (I) can help you make money,“ Lee said in the Chinese language message.

Lee, who was fined RM18,000 by the Butterworth sessions court in April last year for providing false company information, said his accounts were still frozen pending the disposal of his other court cases, and has to make his keeps and legal fees by dabbling in other investment schemes.

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