Judge confirms Jho Low involvement in SRC case, Najib failed to prove signature forged

28 Jul 2020 / 13:19 H.

PETALING JAYA: Judge Mohd Nazlan said testimony in court confirmed there was involvement of fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho or Jho Low, including his giving instructions regarding Najib’s bank accounts to former Ambank relationship manager Joanna Yu.

Touching on the issue of forged signature on documents that had been raised throughout the trial, the judge asked who would have the audacity to forge the signature of the Number One man in the country.

“The defence also did not produce expert witness to verify Najib’s signature on documents which it claimed to be forged,” he said.

Mohd Nazlan also said that Najib merely took the word of Jho Low that the money in his (Najib’s) accounts was a donation from Arab royalty.

He said Najib should have checked and verified the facts regarding the purported donation as there were no details on the gift.

He said Najib, as the prime minister, easily accepted a simple confirmation from Jho Low when he could have made a phone call and checked the facts with the Arab royalty. - Bernama

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