Keep home clean to keep snakes away: Civil Defence Force

30 Mar 2019 / 09:37 H.

KLANG: Beware of slithery reptiles seeking cool comfort in your homes and in the vicinity, and to keep them at bay, the Civil Defence Force (APM) in Selangor said and advised the public to clean up their surroundings.

Its state director, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Yusoff Samad said 100 snakes were captured this month compared to an average of 50 in previous months.

“Being cold-blooded, these reptiles need a cool place. So when the dry season comes, snakes will come out (from their habitat) to seek shelter in a humid place.

“APM Selangor has caught a record number of snakes. People are strongly advised to clear their gardens and surroundings to prevent these reptiles from taking shelter near their houses “ he told reporters yesterday.

He said this after the monthly assembly in conjunction with the 67th Civil Defence anniversary at the Selangor Department of Land and Mines (JKPTG) here.

Citing APM’s snake-catching operations in Kajang and Semenyih recently, he said many of the species were venomous and they included cobras, copperhead racers and vipers.

Mohd Yusoff added that as a result of development, the natural habitat of the snakes were being threatened and destroyed which was why there were also more sightings of the reptiles in residential areas.

He advised the public not to catch them as it could lead to undesirable consequences.

He added that with the increasing number of calls to deal with the situation, APM was constantly training its personnel to have the skills to capture the reptiles. — Bernama

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