Lack of enquiry-based thinking among the Malaysian students: Think tank

27 Jun 2019 / 00:02 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The lack of enquiry-based thinking among the Malaysian students is worrying, says the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.

“It has been long discussed that most university or college students lack an inquisitiveness and are not brave enough to express their own views”, said Datuk Professor Dr Awg Bulgiba Awg Mahmud after announcing the participants for the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting and CERN Summer Student Programme 2019.

He added that the Malaysian method of education trained students to unquestionably accept whole contents that are given to them.

“It is not new that we are still facing this spoon feed tradition”, said Awg Bulgiba.

He said changing the education policy can help change the education system and its known culture.

“In order to change the education system we need to work together with the top leaders to produce more proactive students who are able to think outside of the box”, he said

He stressed on the importance of having enquiring minds and risk taking.

“In science you must be prepared to take risk and choose to go on routes less taken,“ he said.

“Without the enquiring mind you are not going to try to do new things which is going to be a problem”, he said.

The Academy of Sciences Malaysia hopes that local universities and colleges will take note of the importance of having soft skills among students.

Meanwhile, the academy will be sending seven outstanding young Malaysian scientists to the annual Malaysia-European Scientific Networking Programmes this year.

Since 2004, 69 Malaysians have attended the programme.

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