PETALING JAYA: Chow Chin Huat (pic) was a creative, dedicated and hardworking news and sports photographer. He was also generous in sharing his skills and knowledge with junior colleagues.

Chow, 73, who passed away on Wednesday due to Covid-19 complications, was the former chief photographer at theSun. He is survived by his daughter Chow Sue Lin and three sons Chow Teik Seng, Chow Teik Liang and Chow Teik Heng.

He started his career in the media with the now-defunct The National Echo in Penang as a telephone operator and later telex operator before joining the photo department.

Chow also served with The Star. He was popular with reporters and well liked by colleagues across all departments.

Former theSun managing editor Chong Cheng Hai expressed condolences to his family.

Zainal Halim, who was his deputy in theSun, said Chow was a joy to work with and he was very helpful and more than willing to share his knowledge and experience with young photographers.

He said Chow was ever willing to help people while at work and also beyond work.

Zainal, who is with Reuters, said he too learned a lot from Chow during his stint with theSun.

He added every photographer enjoyed working with Chow, especially the younger ones.

Raj Kumar, who also worked with Chow, said it is a bittersweet moment to honor and bid farewell to his beloved friend and mentor.

“His recent departure has left an irreplaceable void in the world of photography.

“Chow’s influence surpassed technical expertise. He was a compassionate friend who generously shared his knowledge, guidance, and unbridled passion.

“Chow’s memory will forever be etched in our hearts, reminding us to pursue our artistic dreams with fervour. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and loved ones during this poignant time of remembrance,” said Raj Kumar.

theSun managing editor Eddie Hoo said he remembers Chow fondly, having the opportunity to be on an outstation assignment with him.

“Chow was exceptionally good with his camera,” Hoo said.

“I picked up my love for photography after watching him in action and seeing the photos he took during the Ironman Langkawi many years ago.”