Let’s do the right thing, for everyone’s sake

16 Oct 2020 / 15:56 H.

IF anything, the last six months must have worn everyone down.

The restrictions on movement, the need to keep our mouth and nose covered, and not being able to sit together over lunch or tea, is not the way to live.

We are social animals. Apart from the odd person who does not like being in the company of others ... and the current situation would suits him fine ... we thrive on having friends and family, loved ones and even acquaintances.

But now, we struggle to get through the day.

Working from home is not for everyone. Some people just can’t do without the partitions around his workstation at the office.

Turning to the guy next to you to run an idea by him is no longer possible.

If you’re among those who are forced by your bosses to go to the office daily come what may, the fear of infection is very real.

Danger hangs in the air as you commute on public transport to the office. Even if capacity in the train or bus is reduced extensively to ensure social distancing, there is little reassurance.

The man just a few feet away on the platform who has pulled down his face mask briefly to pick up a call on his newly purchased iPhone 12 could be spewing out the coronavirus as he speaks.

To put it simply, this thing is just driving us crazy. It is no wonder that there has been a sharp increase in mental illness.

The spike in the number of new cases lately has only deepened our worst fears – that this pandemic will only get worse.

The frustrating thing is that it is in our hands to keep this from happening in the first place. We could have prevented the spike if only we had put in a little more effort.

Every day, we read about hundreds of people arrested across the country for failing to observe the standard operating procedures.

The recent elections in Sabah was another problem. The spike could have been prevented if the politicians and their supporters had taken the initiative to observed the SOP strictly.

It is unbelievable that with all the technology we already have in hand, we still could not cast our votes remotely.

It is time we all sit up and act responsibly.

Countries such as New Zealand and Taiwan have shown that it is possible to keep Covid-19 at bay.

A recent photo of Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Arden posing for a selfie with supporters – all without face masks on – shows that it can be done.

If we do the right thing ...

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