Light aircraft makes forced landing on highway (Updated)

22 Nov 2020 / 14:47 H.

KULAI : A four-seater light aircraft made a forced landing on KM47.7 of the North-South Expressway (NSE) after developing engine problems today.

It is learnt that two pilots, both Singaporeans took off in the aircraft at about 10.50am from the Seletar Airport, Singapore at about 10.50am and were en route to the Malacca airport when the incident occured just 15 minutes into the flight.

The private-owned aircraft was flying at about 5,000 feet when its engine suffered loss of power.

After several measures were taken by the pilots to regain normal flight failed, they decided to land the single-engine aircraft on the highway.

The pilots, identified as Yang Kuang Ying, 52, and Saleehullah Abdul Majid, 41, managed to safely land the aircraft in the midst of moving traffic on the NSE.

Both men were unhurt and the aircraft was not damaged in the incident.

Police who were alerted went to the scene before traffic police went on duty to ensure traffic flow was smooth.

The US-registered aircraft that is owned by Yang and was parked by the shoulder of the highway drew the attention of amused passing motorists, many of whom who took photos and videos before sharing it in the social media.

*Later, the aircraft was pushed to an open space on the highway where its is expected to undergo an inspection by aircraft maintenance personnel for defects.

It is yet to be known if the aircraft will be flown out of the site after its certified airworthy.

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