Lower egg demand prompts farmers to sell off layer hens

30 Nov 2020 / 12:17 H.

A DROP in demand for eggs as a result of movement restrictions sees farmers selling off some of their layer chicken to avoid a glut.

According to a report in China Press yesterday, the conditional movement control order (CMCO) in a number of peninsula states resulted in a drastic drop in demand for chicken eggs by hotels, restaurants and eateries.

The situation is made worse by the closure of school canteens due to the long year-end school holidays.

Federation of Livestock Farmers Associations of Malaysia deputy president Lee Yoon Yeau said the farmers’ move to cut egg production will not affect its supply in the domestic market.

He explained that the demand for eggs had been relatively low for the past few months mainly because the earlier movement control order (MCO) and now the CMCO in several states have greatly affected the business of hotels, restaurants and eateries.

The earlier-than-usual closure of schools for the year-end holidays is another factor, he added.

“Night markets are also good points of sale for eggs, but the crowds are yet to come back to these places,” said Lee, who heads the federation’s layer unit.

He lamented that the drop in the number of foreign workers has also affected demand of eggs.

Lee said although demand for eggs by households have increased, it is not enough make up for the drop in commercial demand.

As such, he said, farmers have taken steps to reduce production including retiring layer hens early.

He expected the situation to ease in the next two months when fishermen land fewer catches during the rainy season and consumers switch to eating more eggs.

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