M’sians in Sudan advised to stay away from political gatherings, public spaces

03 Jan 2019 / 14:34 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Embassy in Sudan has advised all Malaysian students not to partake in any political gatherings and to stay away from public spaces that could jeopardise their safety such as squares and marketplaces.

“All Malaysians are strongly advised to abide by Sudanese rules and regulations and to register with the Malaysian Embassy in Khartoum,“ the Consular Officer, Embassy of Malaysia in Khartoum said in reply to a question by Bernama International News Service, on the recent protests in Sudan.

“If possible they should limit their movement until the situation is back to normal,“ the officer said.

Among locations that have higher risks and that Malaysians should avoid are Souq Omdurman, Souq Al-Araby in Khartoum, Atbara and al-Gadarif, the officer added.

Meanwhile, for Malaysians planning to visit Sudan, the embassy has advised them to take all necessary precautions and to be aware of the security situation at all times prior to their departure.

According to the Consular Officer, there are approximately 150 Malaysians residing in Sudan.

A majority of them are students studying the Arabic language, Islamic studies and Syariah law at the International African University.

The rest are Petronas staff, Embassy officers and staff as well as a handful of Malaysian businessmen and their respective families, it added.

Currently, there are five Malaysian companies operating in Sudan namely Petronas, Nursyh Engineering Co Ltd, Hanas Services Co Ltd, DSV AL Anwar Trillion Gold Mining and Beauty Bar.

On the current situation in Sudan, the Consular Officer said it was relatively stable and under control after several demonstrations in Khartoum as well as in other townships since Dec 19, 2018.

“At present, the Sudanese security forces have continued to maintain order and control in the capital and elsewhere,“ it said.

According to the Consular Officer, the series of demonstrations were inspired by the protest in Atbara, River Nile state approximately 348 kilometres from Khartoum on December 19 where people took to the streets to protest against the dire economic situation where supplies of bread had become scarce and the price had been increased from one Sudanese pound to three.

On December 21, the Malaysian Embassy posted its advisory on its official Facebook page and website.

The Malaysian Embassy is located at the Petronas Sudan Complex, No.13, Block 7, Nile Avenue, P.O Box 11150, Khartoum, Republic of Sudan and can be contacted via Telephone: +249-156556400/+249-990700350 (Muhammad Rafeeq Mohd Razali) or e-mail: — Bernama

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