PETALING JAYA: An investigation paper has been opened by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into graft allegations involving a Petronas project and an intentional oil and gas company.

In a statement published by Free Malaysia Today (FMT) today (May 26), the commission said Petronas is fully cooperative in regards to the investigation, which allegedly involves a RM399 million project in Sarawak.

“MACC has identified several issues related to procedures concerning the project. In view of this, the commission has proposed improvements to the standard operating procedures (of the project) as a preventive measure,” it said.

In a previous report, it was alleged that Petronas was involved in awarding contracts worth more than RM390 million to a company with operations in 14 countries, to construct an onshore gas plant in Sarawak.

It is believed that the company was seriously involved in corruption offences resulting in it being barred from operating in another country.