Macron targeting radicals, not Islam, says French Embassy

28 Oct 2020 / 19:43 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The French Embassy in Malaysia on Wednesday said the French State does not favour or stigmatise any religion and it guarantees their peaceful co-existence within the laws and principles of the republic, amid calls by Muslims to boycott French products.

The embassy, in a statement here, said President Emmanuel Macron (pix) did not target the Muslim community in France but only an ideology – radical Islamism – that should be isolated and fought.

“The President clearly indicated that he would be intransigent concerning any generalisation, distinguishing the vast majority of French citizens of Muslim faith from the militant and separatist minority who are hostile to the values of the Republic, and who are moreover a burden for the former,” the statement said.

Some countries in the Muslim world had called for a campaign to boycott French products following Macron’s October 2 remarks which were perceived to criticise Islam.

The embassy also said it noted that some personalities have tried to start the anti-French products campaign in Malaysia.

“We are heartened by the assurances given my Malaysian authorities that the Malaysian government does not condone such appeals,” it said. — Bernama

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