MAF ready to add command posts, personnel to strengthen border control

28 Nov 2020 / 22:01 H.

BUKIT KAYU HITAM: The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) is ready to increase the number of command posts and personnel to strengthen security control at the country’s borders if the situation requires, said Commander 2 Division Major Gen Datuk Arman Rumaizi Ahmad.

He added that the 12 existing control posts, with 80 to 100 personnel deployed to the area, are still capable of safeguarding the borders from invasion.

“The existing posts are capable of performing the given tasks, but if there is a detailed study requiring us to build a new post, we can propose. We are always ready to add if there is a need,” he told a press conference here, today.

Earlier, he inspected the area of Op Pagar 2 at the national border, which is a controlled area under the MAF, here.

Arman Rumaizi said the entire area of Op Pagar 2, covering the Malaysia-Thailand border line as far as 24 km from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Padang Terap, was monitored in detail to detect any cross-border criminal activities.

He said that for now, the MAF always ensured that its personnel was on high alert, enhanced its patrols in the assigned areas as well as increased intelligence activities.

“We are acting aggressively so that none of our areas will be intruded by irresponsible elements, be it ketum leaves, drug and human smugglers. We have also identified hotspots and we’ve strengthened with patrols, in addition to cooperating with the military of the neighbouring country and sharing information,“ he said.

Arman Rumaizi said it always prioritised the safety of MAF personnel following the death of a General Operations Force (GOF) personnel and the serious injury of another during a shootout in Padang Besar, Perlis recently.

“That incident will not dampen our spirit and I will continue to strive to inspire our personnel. They are not afraid of what had happened, in fact they are more determined now,” he added.

In the incident early on Tuesday, Sergeant Baharuddin Ramli, 54, was killed while his colleague Sergeant Norihan a/l Tari, 39, was seriously injured in a shootout with a group of smugglers, about 600 metres from the TS9 control post in Padang Besar, Perlis. -Bernama

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