MALACCA: The local authorities in Malacca, particularly Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council (MPHTJ), have been using the e-cash system since the end of last year, to facilitate the transfer of funds for various tax-related payments.

State Housing, Local Government, Environment and Green Technology Committee chairman Datuk Tey Kok Kiew said the initiative was in line with technological change, as e-cash payment methods have been widely used for various transactions locally and abroad.

He said the e-cash method makes the payment process so much easier no matter where the consumers were, without having to handle a huge amount of cash and making the consumer particularly susceptible to theft.

“However at the same time we do not wish to burden the people especially the elderly or those who are not technology-savvy (to use the method) to pay their taxes,” he told reporters after the first Year 2020 MPHTJ assembly, here today.

Meanwhile, MPHTJ president Mohd Rafee Ibrahim said the e-cash payment method was well-received by taxpayers in the district especially among the younger generation.

The council was also planning to implement the system for the sale of Malacca Zoo tickets to make it easier for visitors especially during the school holidays or festive seasons.

On tax revenue collection, he said MPHTJ has raised this year’s target to RM45 million from the RM43.5 million previously.

MPHTJ has also allocated about RM5.1 million to carry out nine development projects this year, including RM1 million to upgrade the Melaka Mall building which houses the MPHTJ office and RM500,000 for upgrading of facilities at the Malacca Zoo. - Bernama