Malaysians urged to maintain religious sensitivity, avoid conflict

29 Oct 2020 / 17:10 H.

MELAKA: The multi-religious and multi-racial society in the country have been urged to be tolerant of one another as well as maintain religious sensitivity to avoid causing any resentment among them.

Melaka Mufti Datuk Abdul Halim Tawil said people should learn from the situation in France, where President Emmanual Macron’s recent public remarks defending the right to publish caricatures of Prophet Muhammad which is considered blasphemous in Islam, had caused an outrage among Muslims around the world.

He said in this context, Muslims should also adhere to Allah’s command in the Quran which states ‘to you your religion, and to me, mine’ which can be practiced by the people in this country.

“All communities are reminded not to provoke each other, whether it’s non-Muslims insulting Islam (or vice versa). We must take care of this sensitivity.“

“As Muslims, we should also respect other religions, namely from the point of view of the Constitution which gives freedom of religion in this country, where we should not mock their books and rituals, because if these elements occur, it will definitely cause a terrible clash involving beliefs and faiths,“ he told reporters after the Ziarah Prihatin programme held in conjunction with the Maulidur Rasul 1442H Celebration here, today. — Bernama

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