ALOR SETAR: The police arrested a man for allegedly pretending to be a police officer and committing robbery and obscenity in Pendang on Sunday.

Pendang District Police chief DSP Arriz Sham Hamezah said the 30-year-old suspect was arrested in front of a premises in Taman Sri Penadang at 3.30 pm after a man lodged a police report claiming to be a victim of fraud committed by the suspect, who allegedly seized his mobile phone and molested his wife.

“The victim claimed that the suspect who was riding a motorcycle, approached him while he was repairing a friend’s car on the side of the road near a petrol station at about 12.30 am.

“The suspect then introduced himself as a police officer to the victim and his friend. The suspect asked for the identity cards of the two men for checking purposes before confiscating the mobile phone belonging to the victim,“ he said in a statement today.

Arriz Sham said the suspect then asked the victim to come to the Pendang District Police Headquarters (IPD) if he wanted to get his mobile phone back, before leaving the scene.

“However, the suspect contacted the victim’s wife through the latter’s mobile phone before informing her that her husband was in police custody. The suspect claimed he could help release the victim and invited the woman to discuss the matter at a residential area.

“The woman, who was worried, went to meet the victim using a car, and when she arrived at the meeting location, the suspect got into the car and asked the woman to continue driving,“ he said.

He said the suspect allegedly invited the woman to have sex with him, but became angry when she rejected, and then molested her.

“The victim and his wife, who realised that they had been duped by the suspect, lodged a police report over the incident and following that, a team of police officers managed to locate and arrest the suspect. In the raid, the police also confiscated a bag and black box containing drugs, condoms and a mobile phone.

“The suspect was remanded for seven days from Monday (Jan 30) and the case is being investigated according to sections 354, 170 and 392 of the Penal Code. - Bernama