MCA members cannot accept JKKK positions without party approval

KUALA LUMPUR: Any MCA member who accepts an appointment as a federal village head, a member of the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) or a new village development officer without the party’s approval, violates the party disciplinary code.

The Party’s Disciplinary Board chairman Datuk Hon Choon Kim said maintaining the development and security of the New Villages (Kampung Baru) was MCA’s political vision and the party was responsible for recommending the most suitable candidate to lead the JKKK.

Therefore, he said, those who are keen to serve shall be recommended by the Division MCA.

“The Disciplinary Board after receiving the complaint in writing will hold a meeting as soon as possible to study and investigate under Article 124 of the Party Constitution,” he said.

Conclusions and recommendations from the meeting will be submitted to the Presidential Council or the MCA Central Committee for a final decision on the appointment, he said. — Bernama