KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) will set up six committees to streamline 11 of its agencies in an effort to smoothen the management of entrepreneurs.

Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar (pix) said the setting up of the committees will help entrepreneurs to be more focused and competitive.

“Under MEDAC alone, there are 11 agencies, each of them has its own programme and allocation.

“I have asked them to sit down and discuss with the committees. If Lazada can do it, surely we can as well.

“This is the trust I have given to the ministry, this thing should be done properly under MEDAC so that we can streamline what we have at present,” the minister said at the virtual Second Bi-Annual Representation of ASEAN Chamber of Commerce & Industry Malaysia for 2021.

The six committees are training and guidance headed by the National Entrepreneurship Institute (INSKEN); graduates becoming entrepreneurs led by Urban Development Authority (UDA); grant and export - both headed by SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp); social media/e-marketplace and monitoring - both headed by MEDAC.

Noh said the ministry intended to meet with more associations to exchange ideas on how to develop entrepreneurs in the country.

“As we know, the future generations may not want to be salarymen but instead interested to be entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship field is very wide, we must stand united and work together as one Malaysian Family so that we can achieve what is planned,” he said.

He added that the government also wanted to see zakat recipients becoming zakat payers in the future.-Bernama