MEF: Uncoordinated checks disrupt business and recovery process

PETALING JAYA: On top of having to operate under strict MCO lockdown restrictions and SOP, employers were being subjected to constant raids by various enforcement authorities, causing further disruptions to business and setting back the recovery process.

“We have raised this issue with the authorities many times before that the enforcement activities must be well-coordinated and communicated to avoid confusion and disruption to business,” MEF President Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman (pix) said yesterday.

“However, employers continue to face the problem of having to deal with various enforcement authorities who create more confusion instead of giving employers the opportunity to focus on carrying out their duties.

“Employers should not be subjected to such unnecessary stress and disruptions as there is enough personal and economic stress to manage.

“We are not saying enforcement activities cannot be conducted but it should not disrupt the business.

“Intra-department coordination is important as working in silo by the enforcement units to meet their KPIs is creating headaches for employers. There must be better coordination in future.”

He said the constant raids by the various enforcement agencies had also sent the wrong message to the public and consumers as the brand and reputation of the company would be severely damaged in the process.

“These raids will mislead consumer confidence in the products and services of the companies which had taken years to build. We hope the enforcement agencies are sensitive and responsible when they carry out the inspections,” Syed Hussain said.

“Apart from brand reputation, financial or business performance will also be affected and this is too much to lose for companies.

“MEF requests again that all enforcement activities be coordinated inter and intra-agencies so that stress will be reduced for all of us facing the pandemic.”